The Famdambilly

Manly Man - all round wonderful, loving, great man. I'm calling him Manly Man because he's very into manly persuits (well in NZ they'd be considered "manly"). He loves to surf, fish (he even made his own aluminium pontoon boat to go fishing - no plans just his design), run, climb big hills for fun, go 4WDing, get muddy, dive. He was in the army for 3 years a looonnnnngggg time ago.
Little Chugger - will be four in March. Where did those years go?  LC is a super active, loving, running, full speed ahead kinda boy. He adores anything with wheels or that moves. Current obsessions include trains (Thomas series, Chuggington, The TranzMetro service here in Wellington, Train documentaries, the list goes on), motorbikes, trucks, 4WDs, utes, stock cars (he asks if he can take all of his friends to the stock cars, yes, even Jesus), boats. LC has great physical stamina - he's been known to run up hills and go for very long "nice walks" with the family, mostly daddy.

Baby Chugger - born in December 2010. Seven weeks old when I began this journey. And now he's past the one year mark. Wow. A very happy, cheeky little man who has just found his own feet and is trying to toddle everywhere. I love his passion to get back up and try again. Adores his big brother and seems to have acquired the love for all things with wheels.