Monday, 29 August 2011

Down Again!


I think I would be completely and utterly gutted if the scales didn't show a loss this week. I've been working really hard, averaging between 12 and15 km a day on the exercyle and getting out walking about 4-5 times (sometimes quite hard hill walking with the buggy too).

So today's weight = 81.4 kg. A loss this week of 800 grams.

In biggest looser terms it doesn't rate, but in long term, sustainable, managable, two kids and life to live terms it is a winner with me.

Not too long now and I'll be saying goodbye to the 80's permanently.

One word: Woot!!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Hard Fought 700

COming to you a couple of days late this week, but this is Monday's report.

700 gram loss this week. And man oh man, was it a hard fought 700 grams. A tough, tough week. Not sure why really. Maybe my body was just having a bit of a go at me for trying to get rid of something it has become accustomed to. That and the fact that that time of the month was due to make an arrival - certainly does make it tough on a girl.

But I made it through, relatively unscathed and 700 down.

Going to celebrate that 700 gm -they are gone for good. Yeah baby, gone for good - did you hear that?

The final word for Monday is: 82.2 kg.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Weigh Day....

82.9kg - I don't think I have been under 83 kg in over a year. Very happy about this fact.

I'm aiming to be under 80 kg by the end of the month - I think this is a challenging but do-able goal.

Total weightloss since beginning again = 1.5 kg.

It's jolly cold here this week. Massive snow fall that hasn't been seen in our part of the country for about 30 odd years. Rimutaka Hill Road is closed (no surprises there) and is likely to be so for a couple of days to come. We still have a blanket of snow over the whole section with more forecast for today and tomorrow, even Wednesday has a little snow icon on the metservice website - this is very exciting for me. Fire is roaring. Toasty warm inside.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Found My Mojo

(pretend I've been posting consistently over the last however many months)

So this week I have really actually well and truly found the mojo required to do something about my health. Mentally, this is exactly the same space I was in when I dropped my pregnancy weight with Little Chugger. Baby Chugger turned eight months today - wow, where has that eight months gone?

We are now proud owners of a modern exercycle - those puppies are soooooooooo quiet compared to the old one we had (that Manly Man had even had to weld back together at one stage, it had taken such a beating).

This week has gone really well and I'm really proud of myself for setting out on the path I need to follow. I feel so much better already and I'm sleeping better at night. Manly Man is supportive in the right ways too.

Both knees have only given slight (ever so slight at that) twinges this week. I'm so glad my GP sent me along for two months of hospital based physio earlier in the year. I now know lots of things I've been doing wrong for years. I'm just gutted I never went to the doc three years ago when (well went back when I wasn't happy with the locum). I feel like I look like a cowboy swaggering when I walk up hills now, but yeah, it's only in my head.

Weigh in days are going to be Mondays from now on. I'm looking forward to this Monday. Watch this space - I may even reveal how much I started out on this week (I think this will be good for me, owning it!)

We're off to Manly Man's mother's place for an overnight trip - Little Chugger is over the moon and wants to take E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G we own. And he's been counting down the "night time sleeps" for a few days now.

See you Monday with the great news :-)