What's Up on the Journey?

Hard work and determination will be at the core of my journey.
Eating sensibly with an emphasis on whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the guts of it all. We'll be eating family style for dinner.
I'm trying really hard to improve the amount of water I drink. I'm not so good at this and need to remind myself a lot about the benefits of water.
For activity I'm concentrating on using the exercycle to begin with. Three years ago I did most of the couch to 5K program. I loved it. Sadly I had to stop when my knees took such a beating I couldn't  run anymore without being in agony. I'm carrying so much extra weight at the moment that my knees would die with running. I've also discovered in the last year that my body has taken quite a knock from pregnancy and lack of core strength has lead to some pretty horrendous knee issues (requiring 5 weeks of physio to correct). For now I have to concentrate on loosing weight with non weight bearing cardio workouts, hence the exercycle. I think when I'm down to around the 70 kg mark I will have lost enough weight and gained enough strength to try again. Watchthis space.