Monday, 5 September 2011

Ever So Slight Blip

Not surprising really, given the week we've just had.

With wreckless abandon I ate whatever I wanted. And no doubt about it, I ate WHATEVER I wanted. And did pretty much nil exercise.

Back to it then.

(a gain of 100 grams)

Weight = 81.5 kg.

Onwards and downwards!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Down Again!


I think I would be completely and utterly gutted if the scales didn't show a loss this week. I've been working really hard, averaging between 12 and15 km a day on the exercyle and getting out walking about 4-5 times (sometimes quite hard hill walking with the buggy too).

So today's weight = 81.4 kg. A loss this week of 800 grams.

In biggest looser terms it doesn't rate, but in long term, sustainable, managable, two kids and life to live terms it is a winner with me.

Not too long now and I'll be saying goodbye to the 80's permanently.

One word: Woot!!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Hard Fought 700

COming to you a couple of days late this week, but this is Monday's report.

700 gram loss this week. And man oh man, was it a hard fought 700 grams. A tough, tough week. Not sure why really. Maybe my body was just having a bit of a go at me for trying to get rid of something it has become accustomed to. That and the fact that that time of the month was due to make an arrival - certainly does make it tough on a girl.

But I made it through, relatively unscathed and 700 down.

Going to celebrate that 700 gm -they are gone for good. Yeah baby, gone for good - did you hear that?

The final word for Monday is: 82.2 kg.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Weigh Day....

82.9kg - I don't think I have been under 83 kg in over a year. Very happy about this fact.

I'm aiming to be under 80 kg by the end of the month - I think this is a challenging but do-able goal.

Total weightloss since beginning again = 1.5 kg.

It's jolly cold here this week. Massive snow fall that hasn't been seen in our part of the country for about 30 odd years. Rimutaka Hill Road is closed (no surprises there) and is likely to be so for a couple of days to come. We still have a blanket of snow over the whole section with more forecast for today and tomorrow, even Wednesday has a little snow icon on the metservice website - this is very exciting for me. Fire is roaring. Toasty warm inside.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Found My Mojo

(pretend I've been posting consistently over the last however many months)

So this week I have really actually well and truly found the mojo required to do something about my health. Mentally, this is exactly the same space I was in when I dropped my pregnancy weight with Little Chugger. Baby Chugger turned eight months today - wow, where has that eight months gone?

We are now proud owners of a modern exercycle - those puppies are soooooooooo quiet compared to the old one we had (that Manly Man had even had to weld back together at one stage, it had taken such a beating).

This week has gone really well and I'm really proud of myself for setting out on the path I need to follow. I feel so much better already and I'm sleeping better at night. Manly Man is supportive in the right ways too.

Both knees have only given slight (ever so slight at that) twinges this week. I'm so glad my GP sent me along for two months of hospital based physio earlier in the year. I now know lots of things I've been doing wrong for years. I'm just gutted I never went to the doc three years ago when (well went back when I wasn't happy with the locum). I feel like I look like a cowboy swaggering when I walk up hills now, but yeah, it's only in my head.

Weigh in days are going to be Mondays from now on. I'm looking forward to this Monday. Watch this space - I may even reveal how much I started out on this week (I think this will be good for me, owning it!)

We're off to Manly Man's mother's place for an overnight trip - Little Chugger is over the moon and wants to take E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G we own. And he's been counting down the "night time sleeps" for a few days now.

See you Monday with the great news :-)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Long time no post

So I read today on another post from a mummy who hadn't posted for a while. The general thought was ...

So I haven't posted for a while, I could explain but it would take a bit and those who know me in real life you know where I've been.

A general summary:
- wipe out flu
- over a month of physio for a knee injury (caused by completely insufficient core muscles blah blah)
- school holidays being a killer with wet weather.
- baby chugga with terrible eczema (perhaps dietary related? see below)

I weighed myself this morning and was really surprised to see I was 84.1 kg (1o0 gm less than my last weigh in and over a month of no exercise at all and shocking shocking shocking eating patterns). As of Monday I have been eating dairy free (completely dairy free, not even a smidge, reading all labels in the supermarket carefully) in an effort to eliminate a certain milk protein from baby chuggers diet. This is an awesome opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth is as the inner monologue has always said "harden up, it's not that hard to eliminate something from your diet". So far it's not hard. Really it isn't. But it does mean some big changes in eating habbits. I now have to think a little more about what to eat at lunch time (yeah, acheese sammie isn't the go to any more). Today I had tomato and basil soup with toast and an apple and an orange. I guess it will force to eat way more healthily - so massive YAY on that front. Also I've eliminated all fizzy from my diet as 1 in 100 kids can have ezcema trigged by the carbon dioxide in it (well Dr Google says so anyway).

In other news we got an exercycle as it this is pretty much the only non-weight bearing cardio exercise I can safely do until my thigh and other core muscles are strengthened. Bonus that the red shed have half price at Easter Weekend :) Lots cheaper than getting second hand on trade me. It's so quiet too. Bonus :)

I'm really happy to be in this place right now. Hopefully the dairy free thing will cause me to think and choose more wisely over the coming days and weeks. Manly Man made me some wonderfully scrummy carrot cake muffins last night - yummo.

I'm planning to check in a little more frequently from now on - more than once a month :P But not daily, I don't want to spend all the time doing that. And besides, this is a blog for me - you're just along for the ride :P

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Quick Update

Medically unfit to look after the kids - oooops! Just really really bad flu, hope baby chugger doesn't get it. In other news (briefly) the leg is still munted. I will have to come back another day and get over my total embarassment and explain this fully. Hopefully, within a week, I will be able to get back to doing some light cardio work. It's been close to a month now. On the upside, every week I provide a trainee physiotherapist with great and humourous relief (from the nature of my injuries). It is quite hilarious listening to him try and use correct/polite words for bum. : )

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Leaving Behind the Excuses

For the last couple of days my inner monologue has been very sadly discussing my lack of progress.

Today I got brave and confessed to myself that, really, I've been sabotaging myself on an almost daily basis. (And trying to blame lots of other things).

So here is the new reality...

Permanent weight loss is going to take me a whole lot longer than I had initially planned.
Exercise is imperative for me.
Staying away from morning tea areas at music, mothers group and other such things is needed as I have ZERO will power when it comes to this.
I need to keep a stash of fruit in my bag at all times as seeing others eat makes me want to eat.
I need to keep a full water bottle by my side to remind me to drink more water.

That's what I'm going to be concentrating on for the next couple of weeks. Yay : )

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Plodding On

Not much to report today but I thought I should blog just to keep the habit up.

Have been for a walk - good!
Ate a few too many treats at music - bad.

Never mind. Tis a long journey this one I am on.

Have accomplished quite a bit of sewing this week so that is keeping my spirits up.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ha ha - def out of practise.

Well more than that, Baby Chugger and I did do a wee dash up the isle for an 80th birthday bash (so we have reason to have been AWOL).

What to report......... ?

Weigh day today: 84.2 kg.
Total weight loss = 2.8 kg , 3.2%

I guess a loss is a loss, right? Well I'll take it anyway I can at the moment. Life seems to be so blimmen busy at the moment that even finding 40 odd minutes to get out for a walk is getting tough. Manly Man has been working in the big smoke a lot recently (and will continue to do so for a while to come) so can't be home before 5 much any more. Getting tea on the table and wrangling two chuggers takes priority at the moment.


I guess this journey is just going to be a whole lot longer than I anticipated.

Never mind, in for the long haul, right? !

The boring food bits:
I've been super deligent with the eating side of things today. Breakfast - standard. Lunch - two slices of grain toast with two boiled eggs (no butter or marge! but spread the bread with sauce instead), yoghurt and fruit. Snacks - fruit. Tea - sausage and pasta with veges and tomato based pasta sauce. Water - just the one cup - woah that's bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will do better tomorrow.

The boring exercise bits:
Got out for a walk today - yay. Tried really hard to be a whole lot more active around the house today too, getting up and down more rather than just sitting on my butt.

The boring mood bits:
Slightly on the plus side of average. (By the way, I don't have an issue with saying it's an average day, cause most of my days are average, a few are dolldrums type days and a few are spectacularly amazing - but, yeah, the rest are just average). I'm quite tired right now (twas a long weekend as I had to drive all the way in the rain on Saturday and then back on Sunday) so should sign off.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Out of Practise.

Hmmmmm, having a few days break from the blog has meant that I'm out of practise (noun or verb? - I think verb? hmmm not so sure now I think noun.) at this writing business.

Must make an effort to get in here every day and keep myself accountable.

Only 9.08am and already I have done the dishes, cleaned the lounge, made the beds and one load of washing on the line, one more to get out there and another ready to put in the machine.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - the new standard (WB and banana). Lunch is left over fried rice (with some yummy cheese cransky for taste). Snacks today will be fruit and yoghurt. Tea is hoki pieces with over fries and salad. Yum.

The boring exercise bits:
I didn't get out for a walk yesterday and I find this makes a HUGE difference to how I feel. Need to get out there tonight. The knees are still feeling very munted so I need to shift some of this weight to relieve the pressure.

The boring mood bits:
Feeling like a slightly better than meh or average mummy and wife today. Let's hope it lasts the whole day long (and till the end of the week please if you may.)

Monday, 28 February 2011

Reporting for duty.

Today I have thought long and hard about the blog and whether it's right to keep posting. My life seems so trivial in the wake of all that our nation has experienced.

I feel off the wagon in spectacular fashion. The binge-ing (binging just doesn't look right ? )was gross and the amount of food I bought and then ate (all of it) so that there wouldn't be have eaten things in the pantry is yuck too. Empty packets/containers hidden in the trailer covered by garden clippings.....

What I have thought most about today is that eating in a depressed state WILL NOT and CAN NOT help the people of Christchurch. Sitting around home and moping CAN NOT improve their circumstances. I know that things can't go back to normal but, for me, something has to change.

So this is what I am doing.

I'm getting back into it.
I'm heading back on track.
I'm being more positive about my future.

In an effort to motivate me some more I've decided that for every kg I loose I'm going to donate $10 to something to do with Christchurch. I haven't yet decided what that will look like on a practical note yet but I'll let you know about it when I do.

The damage....
84.7 kg (a gain of 800 grams in a week)

1st of March tomorrow - I'll be setting a new short term goal.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - Weetbix and sliced banana, this might become the new standard. Lunch - tuna, rice and chopped tinned tomatoes mixed together. Snacks - fruit fruit and more fruit today : ) Dinner - mexican flavoured mince served on brown rice with salad. Water - I've done a bit better today than I have recently and managed to drink 1.5 L. I really need to work on this in the coming week.

The boring exercise bits:
Manly Man has begun working on site in the city meaning he's leaving home early in the morning (usually before anyone else is even awake) and not getting home till after 5. It's making getting out to go for a walk really difficult (especially when I'm still breastfeeding Baby Chugger, once at around 5 and then again at around 7ish). I'm about to go and do several little stints on the lateral thigh trainer.

The boring mood bits:
Still very somber. I keep thinking about the long term effects for the people of Christchurch. Today a media release from the Ministry of Education has TWENTY NINE schools with major or serious damage. Flippin heck Nigel, I'd hate to be the one who has to creatively come up with a way to school between 10 and 15 THOUSAND children. There is talk of the correspondence school stepping in somehow - wonder what that would look like? In the midst of somberness (yeah, I make up words!) I read loads of positive stuff from the team at Rangiora Earthquake Express - hunt them down on Face Book to find out the power of people who care.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Back into again tomorrow.

I'm expecting bad news on the weigh day front.

Has been a tough week emotionally and I found solice/solace (?) in the pantry :(

Time to pull my big girls knickers up and get on with life!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Out of respect for all Cantabrians and NZers effected by the massive and devestating quake I am going to take a break from posting over the next few days.

My prayers and deepest sympathies are with you all


Monday, 21 February 2011

Weigh Day

83.9 kg this morning. Woooooooooooooop!

That's a loss of 1 kg exactly this week. I'm really happy with that. Bring on this week I say.

Total weight loss is now 3.1 kg, a total percentage weightloss of 3.56%, in three weeks.


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another day to be proud of.

Title says it all really.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - tuna and rice (see below for "instant" rice) Snacks - fruit and rnice crackers. Dinner - Hellers pre-cooked sausages, boiled spuds and salad, Eta balsamic dressing (the lite and free one). Dessert (yup this is my treat for today) - a few slices of tinned peaches, a sliced banana, covered in strawberry yoghurt and topped with a couple of handfulls of Hubbards berry something or other crunchy muesli type thingy. It was super yummy, crunchy and just really hit the spot.

The boring exercise bits:
I went for an awesome bush walk by myself today. I usually feel really nervous walking by myself anywhere where there isn't loads of traffic going past but given the lovely weather today Manly Man suggested the lovely walk up to the dam as it provided really good shade and there would more than likely be loads of people on the track. He was right and it was awesome. I did the shady walk up to the dam and back twice, just a tad over 40 minutes all up. I loved every step of it. Must remember to do that one again in the weekends (fine weather a must though)

The boring mood bits:
Title says it all really : )

Instant Rice (sorry forgot to add this before, so just adding it here)
Next time you cook rice (I use a rice cooker) cook heaps. Like heaps and heaps and heaps. Then find some random containers (I use cleaned marge containers) and freeze it in portion sized lots. A whole heap cheaper than buying Uncle Bens and just as fast when it's defrosted.

Weigh day tomorrow - hope to see the scales down a little this week. Watch this space.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

A disciplined day....

Yup, a very disciplined day.

Very ravenous as I powered round the supermarket sticking intently to my list. The only extras to make their way into the trolley were specials too good to go past (can's of cannelini beans for 49 cents etc) and not of the snacking variety. Tis a hard thing to walk past all that chocolatet goodness without picking anything up.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - rice salad, fruit. Snacks - fruit, rice crackers, cannelini bean dip (see below). Dinner - mexican wraps (mince and salad veges with a moderate amount of cheese and sour cream - not drowning like usual)

The boring exercise bits:
I did the loop I did when I first started walking TWICE today. Very hot and sweaty but felt great. I would have been keen to go again but time was lacking and the sun was starting to burn.

The boring mood bits:
An up and down day but ending on a happy note. Too much to mention but yeah, ended nicely with a super nice cuddle with my baby chugger before putting him to bed, bliss.

Cannelini Bean Dip (just a variation of my hummus recipe)
Blend one can of beans with a clove of garlic and a teaspoon of cumin. (Don't leave too much brine in with the beans otherwise you will end up with a gloopy mix, rather gloopy than you intended, like mine)
Super cheap and yummy with rice crackers - it feels like a real treat.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Motivating Myself in Week Three

Tonight I am home alone. Manly Man is working in the city and is going to be home very late.

There are cakes in the cupboard.

I want them.

I am resisting them at the moment.

I want to resist them more than I want to eat them.

I have just polished off a nice bottle of water. I definitely don't feel as hungry as I did about 20 minutes ago. So I'm not hungry then, just need to keep up the water.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - Rally Cook Book Brown Rice Salad minus the oil. Tea - Fish in a box, Oven fries, Tinned baby beetroot, Microwaved mixed vege. (Lol, you can tell I'm home alone and trying to manage two small boys and cook tea) Snacks - banana, yoghurt.

The boring exercise bits:
No walk today - no chance to get out by myself. Have done 20 mintues on the LTT and will do another 20 more very soon.

The boring mood bits:
Well I spent nearly a thousand dollars today and all on me. Necessary though. It's been 10 years since I've had new glasses. The ones I have a verging on metal fatigue. They got munted this time last year (whilst on holiday) and the local optomitrist made a very good job of fixing them but she spent ages and ages and ages assuring me and covering butt by saying they could break and was she sure I wanted her to attempt to fix them. Anyway my sight prescription has changed. Apparently I am lucky to have such settled eye sight (haven't had a prescription change since 2004) but I do now need new lenses for my glasses. I AM VERY VERY SHORT SIGHTED. Like seriously short sighted. In the olden days of the "chart" in the eye test I would say point me in the direction of the chart and I will tell you I can't see it. Why am I telling you this? Well it means that to get lenses less than an inch thick (that's not a joke), that will fit a frame and will actually provide corrective vision for me I can't get standard single vision lenses (the ones they advertise on telly as 2 pairs for $299 etc). The lenses for my glasses alone are $411. Yup that is just the lenses. Then to find a suitable frame to accommodate the lense. Because only a serious fool would put $400 lenses into frames on their last legs (well past their last legs really). Suitable frames are hard to find. Most of the modern frames available are quite small. I have to find a frame the sits really well on my face so that peripheral drop off is really minimalised. (If you wear glasses you will know what I mean when I say drop off - if you're as blind as I am the world doesn't exist outside of your frame, walking up/down stairs can make you appear drunk if you don't get it right. The world literally drops off outside of the frame.) New frames - $300. (By far and away the cheapest of the suitable frames I tried, and price wasn't even a consideration). New contacts $150. General eye health check..... It's all adding up huh? Good thing I am the master budgeter and we had the money to pay for this.
New, modern, more stylish glasses = good mood. Total hit to the bank balance not unexpected = average mood. Home alone but both boys super co-operative (grateful for you tube kids videos today) = good mood. Resisted cakes = great mood.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I am blessed, even though....

Something a little different today (to take the focus off food, exercise and mood).

I am blessed to live in a wonderful home. Even though there is still major work to be done (rotten bathroom floor, insullation to be added and more warmth adding stategies to work on and the outside section is some what yuck!) and we live by a buzy dangerous road and sometimes I plain just don't like the house, I am blessed to live in a wonderful home.

I am blessed to be married to an amazingly supportive, encouraging and loving man. Even though we sometimes argue/disagree/discuss and I feel neglected/unloved/unwanted and I could bop my husband over the head. I am blessed to be married to an amazingly supportive, encouraging and loving man.

I am blessed to be the mother of two awesome little boys. Even though sometimes I feel judged because of the things one of them does, like I'm a useless mother and can't control my kid and that maybe they don't meet everyone elses expectations of who and what they should be and sometimes they can be enormously hard work, especially when I am tired. I am blessed to be the mother of two awesome little boys.

I am blessed to have a lot of wonderful friends. Even though sometimes I don't recognise it and I think they are excluding me or Ithink they are judging me or they don't want me around or if I feel like I am the one doing all the work to maintain the friendship. I am blessed to have a lot of wonderful friends

I am blessed to know who I am and where I belong and who I belong to. Even though I often forget and fall into the traps of this world. I am blessed to know who Iam and where I belong and who I belong to.

I am blessed with:
Eyesight and corrective lenses to help improve it
Good hearing
(Mostly) Excellent health
A loving and happy family
A great home
Electricity, Phone, Clean water to drink abundently, Warm and dry shelter
Parents who have loved me and cared for me
Loads of friends
The knowledge that I am safe in the arms of a loving God.

I am blessed more than I acknowledge or even believe most of the time.

Measruements Take Two

So here's the deal, the first set of measurements were taken without much thought or planning for the future.

Hence the measurements take two. All measurements are taken at the fattest/widest/biggest section so that there is room to compare as the weeks go by.

Much to my disgjust, here they are:

Left Upper Arm (henceforth LUA) : 34 cm
RUA: 34 cm
Bust: 107 cm
Waist: 95.5cm
Hips/Butt: 120.5cm
Left Thigh (LT) : 72 cm
RT: 69 cm

Yup - you read the LT and RT correct. My measurment taker did it several times as they were a bit perplexed. It would explain why pants always feel tighter on the LT though. I think my LT has always been bigger than the right.

And we've decided to do measurements weekly so there's less time to forget what we did the time before.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Measurements

Today is a new day. Poopy mood is put behind me.

We're going to do new measurements tonight and we're going to be systematic about it, so that next time we measure we know where to measure (so my thighs don't miraculously go up by 2cm in a fortnight *snigger*)

The boring food bits:
Got the speed wobbles today. I think for now I'm going to have to ban myself from eating anything treatwise when I go to music or mummies groups. They tend to lead to the cascading spiral of doom. I'm aiming to be awesome with the eating for the rest of the week. Watch this space!!!!

The boring exercise bits:
Got the lateral thigh trainer back out today. I haven't been on this thing in over a year now, maybe closer to two years if I'm honest. Man it is hard work. I managed two ten minute stints with about 10 minutes in between. And I have cranked up a sweat. Aiming for three stints tomorrow. I can do it.

The boring mood bits:
Seriously up and down and all over the show today. Serious rollercoaster stuff. I think I'm over analysing some things to much and just need to take a chill pill at times. I sometimes have a tendancy to have too many good ideas - they lead to burn out. So a mini goal for the rest of this week is no new plans, no new projects, no new anything crafty or anything like that. Just take a chill pill on activeness (mental). No more hunting for cool books on bookdepository etc etc. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the buzz going round my head. Overall mood: Average (average is ok though)

Will post the new measurements either tomorrow or the next day (hopefully tomorrow)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Supposedly It's Measurements Day....

But that's not going to happen as the person who is supposed to help me with the measurements is being dumb (ok dumb is not the description that is occurring in my head but I'm trying really hard not to let all the emotions vomit out onto the screen)

So all you will get today is a weight: 84.9kg. A loss of 600 gms. A loss is a loss. Certainly a reflection of the week that was.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Weekend Round Up

Well here we are - the end of week 2. I'm kind of surprised to have survived this week really. Quite a lot of sneaky little morsals here and there has probably taken it's toll.

Overall report card grade for week 2: C ( I would have rated week one as an A if I'd thought to do that back then). So still a passing grade but only just.

I guess as I'm in this for the very long haul I shouldn't be disappointed with a C, some weeks will naturally be like this. I just need to keep track of the treats making sure that they are still treats and not habbits.

Ironically I think having home baking in the cupboards helps. If I cut the pieces smallish then I can have a piece of slice guilt free and the portion has been controlled. Without that kind of control I'm more likely to eat heaps of chips or large bakery type things (mmmmmmm). I've just finished the baking for this week, 2 slices. The first is a take on Afghan biscuits except I used rice bubbles instead of cornflakes and made a slice instead of biscuits (so nothing like afghan biscuits really) and the second is a peanut slice I made 2 weeks ago.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - yummy homemade burger at church (we eat together on the second Sunday of every month). Snacks - fruit so far. Tea - packet pasta and tomato based sauce with loads of veges.

The boring exercise bits:
I went for my walk at 2.30 today - man oh man oh man. Came home thoroughly hot and bothered. I walked for 45 minutes today which is slightly longer than what I would do on a week day (I don't quite have the time to be gone that long). Tired now. But good tired. I'm sleeping much better for all the exercise - much more deep sleep.

The boring mood bits:
Slightly better than average but not over the moon excited. A nice place to be : )

Catch me tomorrow for a weigh in and the all important measurements. I really hope they've gone done, even if it's only one measurement that's changed.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Crazy Busy

Well life around here has been crazy busy this week.

Morning activities have started up again and we had plunket this week as well as a trip to the library and emergency shopping for Manly Man. We went out every morning except Monday and boy was it tiring. Manly Man went on an overnight adventure yesterday so I was flying solo from 1pm - my first time with both boys (hence no update yesterday). We're still alive but Manly Man hasn't returned yet (not expected till 3pm or later).

I'm tired and struggling a lot to eat well - no time to exercise yesterday and not sure about today yet *sigh*

I'm not sure that there will be many (if any) good results from the weigh in and measure on Monday. This week really hasn't been the greatest - a few too many sneaky things here and there. I'm being much more disciplined today but MAN is it BORING.

Why is bad food sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD?????????

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - rice salad, followed by yoghurt. Snacks - rice crackers, apple, orange and nectarine. Tea - chicken drumsticks with potatos and salad.

The boring exercise bits:
Hoping like mad that Manly Man gets back well before 5pm (he said 3 but experience tells me closer to 5 will be more accurate as something always goes wrong or they loose track of time) so that I can get my butt out there on the foot path and haul it up a hill or 3.

The boring mood bits:
VERY ho hum today. It's back to trying to be muggy weather. I just wish it would rain or be sunny, none of this in between rubbish. I'm tired, despite having a good 7 hours uninterupted last night. Maybe it was the lack of exercise yesterday? Lacking in motivation. Must go drink some more water (Yup - it's ceased to be a novelty anymore and now it's just a boring chore that must be done). Ho Hum.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Week 2 Day 4

Super quick post today - just to keep me accountable.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard.
Lunch - rice salad
Snacks - fruit and yoghurt
Tea - sausages and veges (blerk but Manly Man and Little Chugger like it so I will suffer through it for their sake)
Water - have lost my bottle - eeeeeek. Now I have to drink from cups. *Sigh*

The boring exercise bits:
Yup - will go for a walk in about an hour

The boring mood bits:
Quite happy, no disasters around the place and all going well. I even got some work done on Baby Chuggers new nappies.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Week 2 Day 3

All is going well here today. We went out this morning for our regular Wednesday activity (mother's group at my church) where I had my daily treat allowance for morning tea - a yummy little cupcake and some scrummy cake (I'm not sure what kind of cake it was but it had fruit on the top - apple/pear?) I was keen to eat more cake but ran for my bag and got the lovely crisp apple out instead. Yay me.

We've had our second insulation quote for the ceiling done today too. And at a whopping cost of just under $30 to us I can't see us saying no. I really hope it makes an even bigger difference to our home heating this winter.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast = standard. Morning tea - see above : ) Lunch was much delayed. (But it's ok I wasn't starving today due to large morning tea). I've just made a nice large mix of rice salad. This isn't the normal rice salad I have for lunch (which is usually just rice, raw veges and some sort of prepackaged dressing), it is the brown rice salad from the Rally Cook Book II. It's very yummy and consists of brown rice, soy sauce, peanuts, sultanas, spring onions, pumpkin seeds, oil, lemon juice and rind, crushed garlic, vinegar and probably a few other things I can't remember. I love this salad - so tangy and pretty much great for health and enjoyment. Winner. For tea tonight we are having bacon quiche and green salad. Water intake is only ok so far, if it were a school report it would say "could do better".

The boring exercise bits:
Off on a walk again I will be a bit later on. Today, for something different, I'll have Baby Chugger with me in the Mounain Buggy with bassinet fitted. I'm not sure if I'm keen to do my usual walk as there is an extremely steep downhill section - short, but mega steep. I might just go up the hill and back down the same way tonight.

The boring mood bits:
Short and sweet today: Happy.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

You learn something new every day

(Also known as Week 2 day 2)

Today I have learnt that I need to be much more prepared. Especially at lunch time.

All of our weekly activities started up again this week. Today was the turn of Mainly Music. Usually I get to church at around 9 o'clock to help with the set up but today I had to either arrive extra early or be late as Baby Chugger needed to be fed sometime around 8.30. We opted for being extra early - good thing I have a key to get in. Being the first session of the year our end of music team debrief went on a bit longer than usual. (I looked at my watch as I got in the car - 13.30 eeep!) We then stopped on the way home to check out an early learning centre for Little Chugger. We didn't get home till well after 2.30.
Carb Loading.
(Well, mini fail)

We have another activity to go to tomorrow morning. I'm going to be more prepared by:
1. Making sure I leave the activity in a reasonable amount of time to make sure we get home by 12.30
2. Allowing myself to leave before the activity is finished if I feel we need to.
3. Taking my water bottle out when we get there and making sure I drink from it. (Visability is the key)
4. Planning what I will have for lunch tonight so that I don't fall into the bread trap tomorrow.

So today I have learnt that the old boy scout moto ("be prepared") has more than a grain of truth to it.

I would also like to take this chance to say that I firmly believe that if you are having a bad day you don't have to wait until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is another day but, you can stop your behaviour that's making today a bad day right now. That way the rest of today doesn't have to continue being bad. If you ate badly for lunch you don't need to use it as a chance to eat badly for tea. The day is completely ruined. You can pick yourself up again during the day and get on with it.

The boring food bits.
Well there's lots to mention today. Breakfast was the standard (see previous posts because it's getting pretty boring typing the same thing over and over). Fruit between breakfast and lunch was an apple and a banana (but I was talking whilst eating so didn't really process the fact that I was eating, silly me). I had a piece of citrus slice for morning tea. Not enough water (just one sip!). Lunch was a chippie sammie, a fruit bun (hence all the bread) and a magnum gold icecream. So yeah, not the greatest but I am going to pick myself up and make the most of the rest of today. Tea is going to be cottage pie and salad. Yum. Better walk fast this afternoon.

The boring exercise bits.
The sun has poked it's head out from behind all of the clouds and there is a gentle breeze. The walk this afternoon will be lovely. Better hit those hills again and burn off some of that lunch.

The boring mood bits.
Crazily hectic morning today. It was really great to catch up with lots of mums again after a nearly two week break from music. Most of them didn't know the details of Baby Chuggers birth (or that he was boy etc) so there was lots of talking about him. All the littlies have grown up so much over the Christmas/Summer break. We went a visited an early learning centre for LC - it was great. He loved it so much - espcially as there was HEAPS of train gear, vehicles, big big big wooden trucks, a lovely big outdoor area with lots of shade (the list goes on). A bit nerve-y for me though. As much as most people would say that I am an extrovert I am PETRIFIED of new people and places I've never been before. P.E.T.R.I.F.I.E.D. (Perhaps some of the lunch was a through back to these feelings? Or not?) The washing that got a super extra rinse cycle in the rain yesterday is mostly dried. The house is still really chaotic with things everywhere (but they could be there a few weeks yet as we sort out the roof). LC and BC and both in bed at the moment. BC was a star for our first morning back at music. Overall I'd have to say it's been a great day so far and I am happy.

Now I really must get off my butt and out from behind this computer. Go do some more washing woman, and folding and start preparing dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not going to review my post before posting today as have work to do so it's probably full of typos and grammatical errors, oh well.)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Week 2 Day 1

Weigh Day.....

Drum roll please......

Today I weighed in at 85.5 kg. That's a loss of 1.5 kg and a total percentage weight loss of 1.7%. (I hope you were reading that with your Biggest Loser voice)

There's not much happening around here today. I started to work on the vege garden but Baby Chugger woke up and ended that idea. The good news is that some of my seeds have started sprouting (letture and silver beet). I've picked two tomatos and one courgette today too. So that's some good garden progress.

On with the boring bits.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast was a little delayed as I had to feed Baby Chugger just after I woke, Little Chugger needed attention too (breakfast and dressed etc) and then we had someone arrive to do a quote for the roof insulation. I've had my treat today already (a peice of flapjack slice) as it was fast and would keep me going through till breakfast. Breakfast was at 10 - a bit too late for me really. But Weetbix it was, with light blue milk. An apple a little later on. Lunch was a lovely salad with egg, cheese and pumpkin seeds for protein. Yoghurt, banana and nectarine to follow this afternoon. For tea we are having Mexican style mince with rice and salad. I love this meal. Simple but nuticious. I'll do the recipe another time (I can hear baby Chugger calling me.....)
Water: Need to improve on this this afternoon.

The boring exercise bits:
A nice walk in the rain it will be this afternoon, when Manly Man returns from earning the crust.

The boring mood bits:
A great mood today. Hectic life and home and not much on etc but still good. I'm happy with how things are going in most areas of my life today. The house certainly looks lived in as all of our stuff from roof storage is in the lounge and hall. I'm ok with that though as we are making progress. Yay.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Muggy Muggy Muggy, the weekend part 2

Wow, what an unbelievably muggy day it has been. I've been told it was muggy here yesterday also, so glad we only had hot heat to handle over the hill rather than mugginess.

Today has been lovely for me. We had our first structured session of creche this morning at church. It was a great start to the year and I'm really happy with how things went (considering most of the kids have only ever known free play in the creche setting, some of them for 2 years or more). Little by little we'll move to a more structured setting and the kids will (hopefully) enjoy all of the activities we have planned for them. I'm excited (even if no-one else is at the moment - they may be, who knows).

Food wise, it's been a good day. Lots of fruit and some vege (not as much as normal but hey, it's the weekend). We had a lovely fakeaway for tea tonight (great term ay, stole that from another blog but can't give credit as I really can't remember who's blog it was). Butter Chicken, (with a large grated courgette added), Bastmati Rice and a Popodom. Yummy.

I had a great walk down to the local nursery and bought some cucumber seeds. When we were at the fair yesterday I discovered a great organic place in Kandallah that was selling seeds (and small packets of them too so perfect for the three months they reccomend). They gave away a great sheet of what to plant in Feb for the Wellington and Wairarapa regions (it also had a page for March and April). So I am super stoked as we love cucumber in this house. Will try and plant two seeds tonight and (if the sheet is right) start harvesting some time in April. Thinking back, I should have bought the cucumber seeds at the fair (would have saved 80 cents lol) but the walk was great. I also picked up two 2L bottles of milk at the butcher on the way home - my shoulders and arms could be in pain tomorrow. Let's wait and see.

Baby Chugger has his first bottle of formula this afternoon. It's a deliberate action on our part to give him formula once or twice a week so that I can have some time away from the family (I make a pathetic pump milking cow). He seemed quite happy but I have to take Manly Man's word for it. I went out with Little Chugger so that I could avoid seeing my wee man take a bottle. He's EIGHT weeks old today. Gee how time is flying.

I'm looking forward to jumping on the scales tomorrow and giving you an update on the weight (will do weight every Monday and full measurements every second Monday from now on, seems like a great day to do it). I'm looking forward to reporting in as I have done a few sneaky weighs in the week and I'm sure the numbers are on their way down.

Righto off to tidy the house a little more before a nice big sleep and we start a new week.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hot hot hot, the weekend part 1

I got the opportunity to go to the Martinborough Fair today. I'm so glad I went. It was a lovely day out and Baby Chugger was a star. I managed to find a nice quiet place to feed him at lunch time (breakfast was in the car just after we arrived) in the SHADE and away from the crowds. it was so unbelievably hot there today.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

Best bit of the Fair : I spent zero dollars and zero cents on food and drink. I took a packed lunch from home (lots of fruit, yoghurt and a chicken, lettuce and hummus sandwich) and 2L of water. Very happy with that :-)

I'm not going to go through the boring bits today (and might not tomorrow either). I'm mega shattered from the heat and wandering around all day, topped off with driving home in ridiculously sweltering humidity and no air con (yup, I drive an O.L.D car). Tired, worn out but happy with progresss.

Had a two pieces of slice and a bickie when I got home - so far from the binge I would have done otherwise. PROUD MOMENT.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Week One Day Five

It's the end of the working week for Manly Man and for some strange reason I feel like a caged animal today.

I blame the weather.

Manky, sweaty-ish, overcast, sometimes very light drizzle, not good enough to do outside drying of clothes.....

Pretty "meh" weather if you ask me.

I'm considering doing my "boring bits" for food and exercise entries retrospectively as I always end up making slight deviations from what I say I'm going to do. So some of this will seem like it was what I did yesterday, because it is, lol.

The boring food bits.
Breakfast was three Weetbix (I guess I should use a captial here as it is name), tinned fruit and light blue top milk. Lunch was left over fish pie - yum. For tea I had a HUGE salad wit mesculin lettuce mix, tomato, cucumber, grated cheese (just a little), two boiled eggs (the best bit in any salad), red pepper (capsicum) and pumpkin seeds. I toyed with idea of having watered down mayonaise but chose homebrand Italian Dressing instead (99% fat free). I think I would have regretted the mayo later on. Throughout the day I had a banana, 2 apples, a necterine, a yoghurt, a small piece of flapjack slice and one homemade biscuit. (It's all listed like this as I can't remember what I had when, one of the downfalls to retrospective blogging)

The boring exercise bits.
I had a bit more time to myself last night (Manly Man took the chuggers to grandpops for tea) so I extended the hill walk by doing the small end loop twice. The small end loop is basically up a hill on one street and down through another back to the main road. Lots of hilly bits yesterday, which is great.

The boring mood bits.
Well the weather is definitely playing its part in my mood today. Very much a meh day. have snapped at Little Chugger a few times today too - if only he would obey first time everytime, lol. (cause that's so what an almost three year old would do, right? *wink*) Mostly we have done nothing all day long. I've bummed around on the interweb, Little Chugger has played at working, cars and trains and annoying mummy. Baby Chugger has been great all day. That's a bonus. It's 3.05 pm and I really hope Manly Man gets home just after 4.45 pm. Overall mood: Meh. (I smile as I type this)

Homemade Hummus

I love dip.

Dip, dip, dip, dip, dip...................

But it's not exactly health consicous most of the time.

Store bought hummus can be deceptive too, it really depends on how much and what type of oil they use. (I count hummus among the dip family of foods)

So here are my health gain tips for making hummus.

1. Chickpeas.
You can purchase a can of chickpeas for under $2 (in NZ). This will make a good amount of hummus (bigger than those pottles at the supermarket anyway) and will work out much cheaper and better for you. If you want to make even cheaper hummus then purchase dried chickpeas. You can often get these in the bulk bin area of your supermarket, at asian supermarkets/suppliers or bulk suppliers (like Moore Wilson's in Wellington/Hutt Valley). There are loads of methods to cooking chickpeas but all I do is put a huge amount in the crockpot, cover with water and turn on to high. No soaking, rinsing etc. Yo ucan tell when they are done as the "squish" easier when you push on them. The only down side to doing this is that the smell is not pleasant (well, I don't like it, so there!) Cooked chickpeas can be frozen (as can hummus).

2. Recipe.
My recipe is very simple and has no fancy stuff included. Place desired amount of chickpeas in a bowl (I use a whole tin at once, but if using home cooked chickpeas I just put in a random amount that looks about right, nothing like a bit of guess and check every now and then). Add a small clove of garlic and a good squirt of lemon juice. Whiz and whiz and whiz till it's how you like it. If you are using canned chickpeas you can use the liquid to thin down your hummus till it's how you like it. If using homemade chickpeas you could use a small amount of water. In both you could add oil (that's what the store bought ones have in them) but I don't like to add the oil, I don't find it makes much difference. And that's it.

3. Additions.
You could add oil (professionals do), tahini (seasame seed paste), peanut butter (apparently it has the same taste effect as tahini), curry powder or other spices, mashed veges (like pumpkin or kumara). I don't do any of these (might try the veges one day) as to be honest they don't make much difference to the taste.

Final thoughts on hummus....
Eat it from the bowl (makes it yummier) - large scoops of guilt free hummus on rice crackers makes a tasty snack. If you want to increase you vegetable count you could use carrots, celery, raw brocoli and cauliflower, capsicum, beans, snow peas as hummus carriers.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

A note on portion size

It's just occurred to me that others could be reading along and could potentially be concerned at how much/little I am eating as a full time exclusive breastfeeder of baby chugger.

I want to reassure you that I don't scrimp on how much I eat. I eat large portions. Breakfast is three Weetbix and milk, often with fruit added. Today I had about a third of a normal sized tin of peaches with my cereal. Fresh Fruit - I don't have little pieces, just average sized pieces of fruit for me. When I say I have "left over fish pie" for lunch, it means a large portion (it has vegetables in it!), not just a few spoonfulls.

The aim is to eat more healthily, rather than eat less. The calorie content will naturally be lower than it was previously due to the serious amount of junk I was consuming.

Going hungry is a fatal mistake most people make when trying to loose weight.

Week One Day Four

Just checking in for today whilst both chuggers are asleep (oh man am I grateful that Little Chugger still reliably has a long afternoon nap.)

The wheels nearly crashed off in a massive collision with the supermarket today. Our fridge was nigh on bare of vegetables. And the "starving" sensation kicked in. The one where you know you aren't hungry but everything "bad" wants to be eaten. Eeeeek. What to do?




Phew. I made it. I've found that day four, week four and month four are when the "skids" mostly appear. And so here we are at day four. It's just after 3.30 pm and I'm going to make it to day five with no major catastrophes. I know I can.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast was weetbix and peaches (in natural juice, without the juice). Mid morning was an apple. Lunch (a little late as it was after our quick trip to the supermarket) was left over fish pie and a necterine (my first of the season and it was delicious). Still to come for the day are a yoghurt and an orange. Tea for me will be chicken salad (a couple of chicken drum sticks cooked in the oven; I don't use any oil or spray etc and they come out just like a roast) with loads of goodies packed in to my salad. I picked up some pumpkin seeds at the supermarket today so that will add texture, fibre and taste too. I won't be having a traditional carb for tea (potato, rice, pasta etc as I ate my "tea" for lunch.) Not doing so flash on the water yet, will go and refill my bottle NOW.

The boring exercise bits:
Feeling motivated to do this today. I'm looking forward to going for a walk by myself again. In case you're a SAHM wondering how do I find the time for this I learnt our family trick from another friend. I get completely ready to go before Manly Man gets home from work. This includes having tea either in the oven or mostly prepared for him to finish. He arrives, we say "hi" and within minutes I am out the door and away.

The boring mood bits:
Mixed emotions today, but the happy ones are winning. We had a nice visit from a friend with her two wee ones (almost the same ages as my two chuggers). The two oldest children went nuts - lots and lots and lots of very high pitched screaming. Chaos reigned. I had our third and final (expected) phone call to book an evaluation of insulation in our home under the government's energywise program. It seems that we will be eligible to have the whole of our insulation completed for FREE. The underneath of the house is already done, we are community service card holders and there is a promotion from Hutt Mana Enery Trust coming up that we will qualify for. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bad news is the leak in the bathroom is actaully coming from the shower itself (not the mixer or a leak in an internal pipe) which means we will not be able to make an insurance claim, bummer. But then we were only trying to claim on the insurance semi-cheekily. We had always figured we were going to wear the cost ourselves. (Whole floor will need replacing). So bummer about the bathroom. Third trip flying solo at the supermarket with two chuggers in tow and still not even a smidge of turbulence. And I got everything I required within this week's budget with a few dollars to spare. EXCELLENT. So overall I am in a good mood, hopefully I stay this way for the rest of the day and week.

As an aside - Manly Man took my "before" photos last night. There are public ones (which I may load in about 4 - 6 weeks when I have made some progress) and private ones (cause you don't get to see me in undies). I'm looking forward to the day I look a lot different.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How did I get this big?

A BMI of 34 is quite scary for me. It's the biggest I've ever been and I don't want to get bigger or get back this way again.

I'm 5 kg heavier than I was after Little Chugger was born. After LC was born I tipped the scales at 82kg. It took a lot of hard work and determination then to get down to 62.4kg by his first birthday.

Sadly I didn't keep up the effort. I reverted to my old ways. Going to a specific petrol station at least twice a week for a coke (none of this zero or diet buisness after the weight was lost), a giant cookie and a chocolate bar. Sometimes there was a bag of chips added in there. TWICE a week usually. Gross when you see it written down. Lots of treats in the shopping too - if M&Ms were on special (like 3 for $3) I'd go for it. And eat them all myself - usually in a day or two max. And bread. Grrrrrr bread. It's so convinient when you're a SAHM. Toasted sammies are fast and yum. Especially with loads of cheese (cause every toasted sammie I make has cheese). Cheese. Yummo.

When I got pregnant with Baby Chugger I was back to 71 kg. A 9 kg gain just from seriously bad eating habbits. The pregnancy did not go well. I was sick again for weeks. I didn't eat much. What I did eat was seriously unhealthy. The petrol station visits turned into MacDonald's drive through visits. Sometimes twice a day (once for breakfast of the way out and once for lunch on the way home). Way to many "two cheeseburger" combos. I have no idea how much I gained in total during the pregnancy as I refused to get on the scales. But I know I was much bigger than I was the first time - none of the medium sized maternity clothes fit for long, and only about half of the large sized clothes were comfortable at the end. *Sigh*

So here I am at the start of February 2011. 87kg with a BMI of 34. Obese.

Let the fun times roll....

Week One, Day Three

If you're smart you'll notice there's no Week One, Day One or Two. (I didn't really think about blogging my journey much until yesterday)

Where am I at today?
Yesterday we did all my measurements (upper arm - left and right, bust, waist, hips, thigh - left and right). I'm planning on taking these measurements every two weeks and taking a photo at the same time (wearing the same clothes each fortnight). If I'm brave I'll post the photos so you can see the progress.
The plan is to only do these measurements two weekly so that I can actually see progress, rather than weekly (where progress might not be noticable)

From yesterday (01/02/2011)
LUA: 36.5 cm
RUA: 36.5 cm
Bust: 111 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 119 cm
LT: 68 cm
RT: 67.5 cm

Weight: 87 kg
BMI: 34 (eeeek!)

The boring food bits:
So far today I've had the standard breakfast (3 weetbix and light blue top milk). Hungry by 11 so I've had an apple. For lunch I'm planning some sort of take on brown rice salad. We don't have a huge array of veges in the fridge today so it could be "interesting". Somewhere today will be a yoghurt and an orange and maybe a banana - we'll see how hungry I am later. Tea is going to be smoked fish pie; I'm really looking forward to this.

The boring exercise bits:
The weather is quite bad today. Extremely windy (again!) and has been raining. Not sure what it will be like later on but I'm still planning on my walk. Hopefully Manly Man will be home a bit earlier today (he started at 7.30 so I'm hopeful for a 4pm finish) meaning I can walk for a little longer than 30 minutes today. I think I'll walk down to the duck pond and do that loop today. The hill loop is getting a little monotonous.

The boring mood bits:
The weather is quite bad today, lol. I think by the end of tonight I'll feel like a caged animal. Little Chugger will feel that way too. He's scared of wind so going outside to play might not be an option. Thankfully we have lots of train videos and dvds. We're going to plant loads of seeds later so that in a few months we will have a wonderfully productive garden (as opposed to the mediocre one we've got growing now). I picked up a packet of root blast yesterday and I'm really keen to see what effect that might have in the garden. Lounge has been vaccumed and kitchen about to be cleaned. Overall, I'm in a good mood right now and happy with the progress I'm making.