Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Just pretend the last 5 months didn't happen.

Ask no questions and I shall tell you no lies!

Back on board, committed to the journey this time and making great in roads.

I started this month afresh after our Christmas and New Year holidays. And this time I gently eased myself into it. I think that has made a big difference. Also my mindset has arrived. That once and for all determined mindset I know it takes to really make a difference in my life.

Next week I start back at work and Manly Man becomes a stay at home dad. Should be entertaining! I'm looking forward to predetermined times of the day for eating and starting out as I mean to go on. Still trying to process exactly what to take for lunch each day but I think I'm getting there. I seem to do best when I eat the same thing in and out so whilst it could seem boring to others it works for me.

Start of year weight = 82.2 kg
Today's weight = 79.2 kg.

I had to get off the scales very quickly this morning and did not recheck the weight, hahahaha. Hoping like mad it was accurate.

Next goal weight is 75 kg. Let's do this thing.

1 comment:

  1. YAY! You will do great and having more structure makes it much easier :)

    Manly Man is going to be great and knows where we are if he needs us...