Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Long time no post

So I read today on another post from a mummy who hadn't posted for a while. The general thought was ...

So I haven't posted for a while, I could explain but it would take a bit and those who know me in real life you know where I've been.

A general summary:
- wipe out flu
- over a month of physio for a knee injury (caused by completely insufficient core muscles blah blah)
- school holidays being a killer with wet weather.
- baby chugga with terrible eczema (perhaps dietary related? see below)

I weighed myself this morning and was really surprised to see I was 84.1 kg (1o0 gm less than my last weigh in and over a month of no exercise at all and shocking shocking shocking eating patterns). As of Monday I have been eating dairy free (completely dairy free, not even a smidge, reading all labels in the supermarket carefully) in an effort to eliminate a certain milk protein from baby chuggers diet. This is an awesome opportunity for me to put my money where my mouth is as the inner monologue has always said "harden up, it's not that hard to eliminate something from your diet". So far it's not hard. Really it isn't. But it does mean some big changes in eating habbits. I now have to think a little more about what to eat at lunch time (yeah, acheese sammie isn't the go to any more). Today I had tomato and basil soup with toast and an apple and an orange. I guess it will force to eat way more healthily - so massive YAY on that front. Also I've eliminated all fizzy from my diet as 1 in 100 kids can have ezcema trigged by the carbon dioxide in it (well Dr Google says so anyway).

In other news we got an exercycle as it this is pretty much the only non-weight bearing cardio exercise I can safely do until my thigh and other core muscles are strengthened. Bonus that the red shed have half price at Easter Weekend :) Lots cheaper than getting second hand on trade me. It's so quiet too. Bonus :)

I'm really happy to be in this place right now. Hopefully the dairy free thing will cause me to think and choose more wisely over the coming days and weeks. Manly Man made me some wonderfully scrummy carrot cake muffins last night - yummo.

I'm planning to check in a little more frequently from now on - more than once a month :P But not daily, I don't want to spend all the time doing that. And besides, this is a blog for me - you're just along for the ride :P

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  1. Hey :) I've just come back on to my blog too (home&me) :)