Monday, 7 March 2011

Ha ha - def out of practise.

Well more than that, Baby Chugger and I did do a wee dash up the isle for an 80th birthday bash (so we have reason to have been AWOL).

What to report......... ?

Weigh day today: 84.2 kg.
Total weight loss = 2.8 kg , 3.2%

I guess a loss is a loss, right? Well I'll take it anyway I can at the moment. Life seems to be so blimmen busy at the moment that even finding 40 odd minutes to get out for a walk is getting tough. Manly Man has been working in the big smoke a lot recently (and will continue to do so for a while to come) so can't be home before 5 much any more. Getting tea on the table and wrangling two chuggers takes priority at the moment.


I guess this journey is just going to be a whole lot longer than I anticipated.

Never mind, in for the long haul, right? !

The boring food bits:
I've been super deligent with the eating side of things today. Breakfast - standard. Lunch - two slices of grain toast with two boiled eggs (no butter or marge! but spread the bread with sauce instead), yoghurt and fruit. Snacks - fruit. Tea - sausage and pasta with veges and tomato based pasta sauce. Water - just the one cup - woah that's bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will do better tomorrow.

The boring exercise bits:
Got out for a walk today - yay. Tried really hard to be a whole lot more active around the house today too, getting up and down more rather than just sitting on my butt.

The boring mood bits:
Slightly on the plus side of average. (By the way, I don't have an issue with saying it's an average day, cause most of my days are average, a few are dolldrums type days and a few are spectacularly amazing - but, yeah, the rest are just average). I'm quite tired right now (twas a long weekend as I had to drive all the way in the rain on Saturday and then back on Sunday) so should sign off.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

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