Thursday, 3 March 2011

Out of Practise.

Hmmmmm, having a few days break from the blog has meant that I'm out of practise (noun or verb? - I think verb? hmmm not so sure now I think noun.) at this writing business.

Must make an effort to get in here every day and keep myself accountable.

Only 9.08am and already I have done the dishes, cleaned the lounge, made the beds and one load of washing on the line, one more to get out there and another ready to put in the machine.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - the new standard (WB and banana). Lunch is left over fried rice (with some yummy cheese cransky for taste). Snacks today will be fruit and yoghurt. Tea is hoki pieces with over fries and salad. Yum.

The boring exercise bits:
I didn't get out for a walk yesterday and I find this makes a HUGE difference to how I feel. Need to get out there tonight. The knees are still feeling very munted so I need to shift some of this weight to relieve the pressure.

The boring mood bits:
Feeling like a slightly better than meh or average mummy and wife today. Let's hope it lasts the whole day long (and till the end of the week please if you may.)

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  1. Well done on a good start back into it. I hope your day continued as it started! I read yesterdays post and it occured to me how we (as women mostly) do this to ourselves...there are people suffering terrible loss...and we think/believe that we don't deserve to care for ourselves in such times. When, really, perhaps...this is the time to care for ourselves the MOST. Eating well, feeling good, exercising etc helps us be ok. Helps us get through tough times..whether directly or indirectly affected. I love how you turned it around and made it a way you can really help, by donating money! GO YOU! and you have inspired me to try the say...Although I am nearing my goal weight the cash might not be I have decided to donate $10/kg and $5/week it takes me to get there....I am rather skint at the I am thinking this is a VERY good motive to lose the weight faster...or at least STAY ON THE WAGON...and if I don't (which is often the case) CHCH will get plenty money from me!!