Monday, 29 August 2011

Down Again!


I think I would be completely and utterly gutted if the scales didn't show a loss this week. I've been working really hard, averaging between 12 and15 km a day on the exercyle and getting out walking about 4-5 times (sometimes quite hard hill walking with the buggy too).

So today's weight = 81.4 kg. A loss this week of 800 grams.

In biggest looser terms it doesn't rate, but in long term, sustainable, managable, two kids and life to live terms it is a winner with me.

Not too long now and I'll be saying goodbye to the 80's permanently.

One word: Woot!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I think it was watching the 3 year olds run around you at the birthday party :P Although with all the calories they were burning off you may have faded away.

    I look forward to keeping up to date and by my reckoning when next I see you you will be at about 76/77kgs :D

    Well done you!