Monday, 15 August 2011

Weigh Day....

82.9kg - I don't think I have been under 83 kg in over a year. Very happy about this fact.

I'm aiming to be under 80 kg by the end of the month - I think this is a challenging but do-able goal.

Total weightloss since beginning again = 1.5 kg.

It's jolly cold here this week. Massive snow fall that hasn't been seen in our part of the country for about 30 odd years. Rimutaka Hill Road is closed (no surprises there) and is likely to be so for a couple of days to come. We still have a blanket of snow over the whole section with more forecast for today and tomorrow, even Wednesday has a little snow icon on the metservice website - this is very exciting for me. Fire is roaring. Toasty warm inside.

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