Monday, 28 February 2011

Reporting for duty.

Today I have thought long and hard about the blog and whether it's right to keep posting. My life seems so trivial in the wake of all that our nation has experienced.

I feel off the wagon in spectacular fashion. The binge-ing (binging just doesn't look right ? )was gross and the amount of food I bought and then ate (all of it) so that there wouldn't be have eaten things in the pantry is yuck too. Empty packets/containers hidden in the trailer covered by garden clippings.....

What I have thought most about today is that eating in a depressed state WILL NOT and CAN NOT help the people of Christchurch. Sitting around home and moping CAN NOT improve their circumstances. I know that things can't go back to normal but, for me, something has to change.

So this is what I am doing.

I'm getting back into it.
I'm heading back on track.
I'm being more positive about my future.

In an effort to motivate me some more I've decided that for every kg I loose I'm going to donate $10 to something to do with Christchurch. I haven't yet decided what that will look like on a practical note yet but I'll let you know about it when I do.

The damage....
84.7 kg (a gain of 800 grams in a week)

1st of March tomorrow - I'll be setting a new short term goal.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - Weetbix and sliced banana, this might become the new standard. Lunch - tuna, rice and chopped tinned tomatoes mixed together. Snacks - fruit fruit and more fruit today : ) Dinner - mexican flavoured mince served on brown rice with salad. Water - I've done a bit better today than I have recently and managed to drink 1.5 L. I really need to work on this in the coming week.

The boring exercise bits:
Manly Man has begun working on site in the city meaning he's leaving home early in the morning (usually before anyone else is even awake) and not getting home till after 5. It's making getting out to go for a walk really difficult (especially when I'm still breastfeeding Baby Chugger, once at around 5 and then again at around 7ish). I'm about to go and do several little stints on the lateral thigh trainer.

The boring mood bits:
Still very somber. I keep thinking about the long term effects for the people of Christchurch. Today a media release from the Ministry of Education has TWENTY NINE schools with major or serious damage. Flippin heck Nigel, I'd hate to be the one who has to creatively come up with a way to school between 10 and 15 THOUSAND children. There is talk of the correspondence school stepping in somehow - wonder what that would look like? In the midst of somberness (yeah, I make up words!) I read loads of positive stuff from the team at Rangiora Earthquake Express - hunt them down on Face Book to find out the power of people who care.

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  1. Glad to see you back hun, i've battled with my weight all my life and know those moments where you completely blow everything your've worked hard at... good on you for not giving up and getting back into it... i like your goals too :) The weightwatchers website has heaps of free info like exercises you can do at home, motivation etc? not sure if your into it but ?? We're relatively the same with weight, breastfeeding and having toddlers the same age etc... so i kinda feel we're doing it together x