Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another day to be proud of.

Title says it all really.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - tuna and rice (see below for "instant" rice) Snacks - fruit and rnice crackers. Dinner - Hellers pre-cooked sausages, boiled spuds and salad, Eta balsamic dressing (the lite and free one). Dessert (yup this is my treat for today) - a few slices of tinned peaches, a sliced banana, covered in strawberry yoghurt and topped with a couple of handfulls of Hubbards berry something or other crunchy muesli type thingy. It was super yummy, crunchy and just really hit the spot.

The boring exercise bits:
I went for an awesome bush walk by myself today. I usually feel really nervous walking by myself anywhere where there isn't loads of traffic going past but given the lovely weather today Manly Man suggested the lovely walk up to the dam as it provided really good shade and there would more than likely be loads of people on the track. He was right and it was awesome. I did the shady walk up to the dam and back twice, just a tad over 40 minutes all up. I loved every step of it. Must remember to do that one again in the weekends (fine weather a must though)

The boring mood bits:
Title says it all really : )

Instant Rice (sorry forgot to add this before, so just adding it here)
Next time you cook rice (I use a rice cooker) cook heaps. Like heaps and heaps and heaps. Then find some random containers (I use cleaned marge containers) and freeze it in portion sized lots. A whole heap cheaper than buying Uncle Bens and just as fast when it's defrosted.

Weigh day tomorrow - hope to see the scales down a little this week. Watch this space.


  1. Well done you!! That's awesome that you have done so well this weekend!

    I have bombed big time... but starting again tomorrow. All will be good!

  2. I love how you can start again each day! That's just the best thing about being on a journey like this. Thanks for your encouragment and inspiring me too : )