Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Measurements

Today is a new day. Poopy mood is put behind me.

We're going to do new measurements tonight and we're going to be systematic about it, so that next time we measure we know where to measure (so my thighs don't miraculously go up by 2cm in a fortnight *snigger*)

The boring food bits:
Got the speed wobbles today. I think for now I'm going to have to ban myself from eating anything treatwise when I go to music or mummies groups. They tend to lead to the cascading spiral of doom. I'm aiming to be awesome with the eating for the rest of the week. Watch this space!!!!

The boring exercise bits:
Got the lateral thigh trainer back out today. I haven't been on this thing in over a year now, maybe closer to two years if I'm honest. Man it is hard work. I managed two ten minute stints with about 10 minutes in between. And I have cranked up a sweat. Aiming for three stints tomorrow. I can do it.

The boring mood bits:
Seriously up and down and all over the show today. Serious rollercoaster stuff. I think I'm over analysing some things to much and just need to take a chill pill at times. I sometimes have a tendancy to have too many good ideas - they lead to burn out. So a mini goal for the rest of this week is no new plans, no new projects, no new anything crafty or anything like that. Just take a chill pill on activeness (mental). No more hunting for cool books on bookdepository etc etc. Hopefully that will eliminate some of the buzz going round my head. Overall mood: Average (average is ok though)

Will post the new measurements either tomorrow or the next day (hopefully tomorrow)

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