Saturday, 12 February 2011

Crazy Busy

Well life around here has been crazy busy this week.

Morning activities have started up again and we had plunket this week as well as a trip to the library and emergency shopping for Manly Man. We went out every morning except Monday and boy was it tiring. Manly Man went on an overnight adventure yesterday so I was flying solo from 1pm - my first time with both boys (hence no update yesterday). We're still alive but Manly Man hasn't returned yet (not expected till 3pm or later).

I'm tired and struggling a lot to eat well - no time to exercise yesterday and not sure about today yet *sigh*

I'm not sure that there will be many (if any) good results from the weigh in and measure on Monday. This week really hasn't been the greatest - a few too many sneaky things here and there. I'm being much more disciplined today but MAN is it BORING.

Why is bad food sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD?????????

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - rice salad, followed by yoghurt. Snacks - rice crackers, apple, orange and nectarine. Tea - chicken drumsticks with potatos and salad.

The boring exercise bits:
Hoping like mad that Manly Man gets back well before 5pm (he said 3 but experience tells me closer to 5 will be more accurate as something always goes wrong or they loose track of time) so that I can get my butt out there on the foot path and haul it up a hill or 3.

The boring mood bits:
VERY ho hum today. It's back to trying to be muggy weather. I just wish it would rain or be sunny, none of this in between rubbish. I'm tired, despite having a good 7 hours uninterupted last night. Maybe it was the lack of exercise yesterday? Lacking in motivation. Must go drink some more water (Yup - it's ceased to be a novelty anymore and now it's just a boring chore that must be done). Ho Hum.

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