Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Week One, Day Three

If you're smart you'll notice there's no Week One, Day One or Two. (I didn't really think about blogging my journey much until yesterday)

Where am I at today?
Yesterday we did all my measurements (upper arm - left and right, bust, waist, hips, thigh - left and right). I'm planning on taking these measurements every two weeks and taking a photo at the same time (wearing the same clothes each fortnight). If I'm brave I'll post the photos so you can see the progress.
The plan is to only do these measurements two weekly so that I can actually see progress, rather than weekly (where progress might not be noticable)

From yesterday (01/02/2011)
LUA: 36.5 cm
RUA: 36.5 cm
Bust: 111 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 119 cm
LT: 68 cm
RT: 67.5 cm

Weight: 87 kg
BMI: 34 (eeeek!)

The boring food bits:
So far today I've had the standard breakfast (3 weetbix and light blue top milk). Hungry by 11 so I've had an apple. For lunch I'm planning some sort of take on brown rice salad. We don't have a huge array of veges in the fridge today so it could be "interesting". Somewhere today will be a yoghurt and an orange and maybe a banana - we'll see how hungry I am later. Tea is going to be smoked fish pie; I'm really looking forward to this.

The boring exercise bits:
The weather is quite bad today. Extremely windy (again!) and has been raining. Not sure what it will be like later on but I'm still planning on my walk. Hopefully Manly Man will be home a bit earlier today (he started at 7.30 so I'm hopeful for a 4pm finish) meaning I can walk for a little longer than 30 minutes today. I think I'll walk down to the duck pond and do that loop today. The hill loop is getting a little monotonous.

The boring mood bits:
The weather is quite bad today, lol. I think by the end of tonight I'll feel like a caged animal. Little Chugger will feel that way too. He's scared of wind so going outside to play might not be an option. Thankfully we have lots of train videos and dvds. We're going to plant loads of seeds later so that in a few months we will have a wonderfully productive garden (as opposed to the mediocre one we've got growing now). I picked up a packet of root blast yesterday and I'm really keen to see what effect that might have in the garden. Lounge has been vaccumed and kitchen about to be cleaned. Overall, I'm in a good mood right now and happy with the progress I'm making.

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