Thursday, 17 February 2011

Motivating Myself in Week Three

Tonight I am home alone. Manly Man is working in the city and is going to be home very late.

There are cakes in the cupboard.

I want them.

I am resisting them at the moment.

I want to resist them more than I want to eat them.

I have just polished off a nice bottle of water. I definitely don't feel as hungry as I did about 20 minutes ago. So I'm not hungry then, just need to keep up the water.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast - standard. Lunch - Rally Cook Book Brown Rice Salad minus the oil. Tea - Fish in a box, Oven fries, Tinned baby beetroot, Microwaved mixed vege. (Lol, you can tell I'm home alone and trying to manage two small boys and cook tea) Snacks - banana, yoghurt.

The boring exercise bits:
No walk today - no chance to get out by myself. Have done 20 mintues on the LTT and will do another 20 more very soon.

The boring mood bits:
Well I spent nearly a thousand dollars today and all on me. Necessary though. It's been 10 years since I've had new glasses. The ones I have a verging on metal fatigue. They got munted this time last year (whilst on holiday) and the local optomitrist made a very good job of fixing them but she spent ages and ages and ages assuring me and covering butt by saying they could break and was she sure I wanted her to attempt to fix them. Anyway my sight prescription has changed. Apparently I am lucky to have such settled eye sight (haven't had a prescription change since 2004) but I do now need new lenses for my glasses. I AM VERY VERY SHORT SIGHTED. Like seriously short sighted. In the olden days of the "chart" in the eye test I would say point me in the direction of the chart and I will tell you I can't see it. Why am I telling you this? Well it means that to get lenses less than an inch thick (that's not a joke), that will fit a frame and will actually provide corrective vision for me I can't get standard single vision lenses (the ones they advertise on telly as 2 pairs for $299 etc). The lenses for my glasses alone are $411. Yup that is just the lenses. Then to find a suitable frame to accommodate the lense. Because only a serious fool would put $400 lenses into frames on their last legs (well past their last legs really). Suitable frames are hard to find. Most of the modern frames available are quite small. I have to find a frame the sits really well on my face so that peripheral drop off is really minimalised. (If you wear glasses you will know what I mean when I say drop off - if you're as blind as I am the world doesn't exist outside of your frame, walking up/down stairs can make you appear drunk if you don't get it right. The world literally drops off outside of the frame.) New frames - $300. (By far and away the cheapest of the suitable frames I tried, and price wasn't even a consideration). New contacts $150. General eye health check..... It's all adding up huh? Good thing I am the master budgeter and we had the money to pay for this.
New, modern, more stylish glasses = good mood. Total hit to the bank balance not unexpected = average mood. Home alone but both boys super co-operative (grateful for you tube kids videos today) = good mood. Resisted cakes = great mood.

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  1. I love baking but its so tempting to keep eating it! Yah you for resisting!

    Bummer about the glasses, i wear contacts & only started wearing glasses about 5 years ago when i worked with computers had DS1 and they dropped by a whole unit! "KIDS!" lol
    DH was really blind, his glasses were really thick and he wore contacts too but needed to have something on as soon as he woke up in the morning he couldn't see a thing, we ended up getting his eyes lasered and paid it off, the operation took 5mins he sat up and could read the clock! Well worth the money.