Thursday, 3 February 2011

Week One Day Four

Just checking in for today whilst both chuggers are asleep (oh man am I grateful that Little Chugger still reliably has a long afternoon nap.)

The wheels nearly crashed off in a massive collision with the supermarket today. Our fridge was nigh on bare of vegetables. And the "starving" sensation kicked in. The one where you know you aren't hungry but everything "bad" wants to be eaten. Eeeeek. What to do?




Phew. I made it. I've found that day four, week four and month four are when the "skids" mostly appear. And so here we are at day four. It's just after 3.30 pm and I'm going to make it to day five with no major catastrophes. I know I can.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast was weetbix and peaches (in natural juice, without the juice). Mid morning was an apple. Lunch (a little late as it was after our quick trip to the supermarket) was left over fish pie and a necterine (my first of the season and it was delicious). Still to come for the day are a yoghurt and an orange. Tea for me will be chicken salad (a couple of chicken drum sticks cooked in the oven; I don't use any oil or spray etc and they come out just like a roast) with loads of goodies packed in to my salad. I picked up some pumpkin seeds at the supermarket today so that will add texture, fibre and taste too. I won't be having a traditional carb for tea (potato, rice, pasta etc as I ate my "tea" for lunch.) Not doing so flash on the water yet, will go and refill my bottle NOW.

The boring exercise bits:
Feeling motivated to do this today. I'm looking forward to going for a walk by myself again. In case you're a SAHM wondering how do I find the time for this I learnt our family trick from another friend. I get completely ready to go before Manly Man gets home from work. This includes having tea either in the oven or mostly prepared for him to finish. He arrives, we say "hi" and within minutes I am out the door and away.

The boring mood bits:
Mixed emotions today, but the happy ones are winning. We had a nice visit from a friend with her two wee ones (almost the same ages as my two chuggers). The two oldest children went nuts - lots and lots and lots of very high pitched screaming. Chaos reigned. I had our third and final (expected) phone call to book an evaluation of insulation in our home under the government's energywise program. It seems that we will be eligible to have the whole of our insulation completed for FREE. The underneath of the house is already done, we are community service card holders and there is a promotion from Hutt Mana Enery Trust coming up that we will qualify for. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bad news is the leak in the bathroom is actaully coming from the shower itself (not the mixer or a leak in an internal pipe) which means we will not be able to make an insurance claim, bummer. But then we were only trying to claim on the insurance semi-cheekily. We had always figured we were going to wear the cost ourselves. (Whole floor will need replacing). So bummer about the bathroom. Third trip flying solo at the supermarket with two chuggers in tow and still not even a smidge of turbulence. And I got everything I required within this week's budget with a few dollars to spare. EXCELLENT. So overall I am in a good mood, hopefully I stay this way for the rest of the day and week.

As an aside - Manly Man took my "before" photos last night. There are public ones (which I may load in about 4 - 6 weeks when I have made some progress) and private ones (cause you don't get to see me in undies). I'm looking forward to the day I look a lot different.

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