Monday, 7 February 2011

Week 2 Day 1

Weigh Day.....

Drum roll please......

Today I weighed in at 85.5 kg. That's a loss of 1.5 kg and a total percentage weight loss of 1.7%. (I hope you were reading that with your Biggest Loser voice)

There's not much happening around here today. I started to work on the vege garden but Baby Chugger woke up and ended that idea. The good news is that some of my seeds have started sprouting (letture and silver beet). I've picked two tomatos and one courgette today too. So that's some good garden progress.

On with the boring bits.

The boring food bits:
Breakfast was a little delayed as I had to feed Baby Chugger just after I woke, Little Chugger needed attention too (breakfast and dressed etc) and then we had someone arrive to do a quote for the roof insulation. I've had my treat today already (a peice of flapjack slice) as it was fast and would keep me going through till breakfast. Breakfast was at 10 - a bit too late for me really. But Weetbix it was, with light blue milk. An apple a little later on. Lunch was a lovely salad with egg, cheese and pumpkin seeds for protein. Yoghurt, banana and nectarine to follow this afternoon. For tea we are having Mexican style mince with rice and salad. I love this meal. Simple but nuticious. I'll do the recipe another time (I can hear baby Chugger calling me.....)
Water: Need to improve on this this afternoon.

The boring exercise bits:
A nice walk in the rain it will be this afternoon, when Manly Man returns from earning the crust.

The boring mood bits:
A great mood today. Hectic life and home and not much on etc but still good. I'm happy with how things are going in most areas of my life today. The house certainly looks lived in as all of our stuff from roof storage is in the lounge and hall. I'm ok with that though as we are making progress. Yay.


  1. WOOOT! Way to go you!!! Super excited for you! Well done!

  2. WELL DONE YOU! And I SOOOOo used my biggest loser voice!! weehee! Your eating so well! Its making me cringe at my poor attempts at healthy living! Keep up the good work!!