Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Measruements Take Two

So here's the deal, the first set of measurements were taken without much thought or planning for the future.

Hence the measurements take two. All measurements are taken at the fattest/widest/biggest section so that there is room to compare as the weeks go by.

Much to my disgjust, here they are:

Left Upper Arm (henceforth LUA) : 34 cm
RUA: 34 cm
Bust: 107 cm
Waist: 95.5cm
Hips/Butt: 120.5cm
Left Thigh (LT) : 72 cm
RT: 69 cm

Yup - you read the LT and RT correct. My measurment taker did it several times as they were a bit perplexed. It would explain why pants always feel tighter on the LT though. I think my LT has always been bigger than the right.

And we've decided to do measurements weekly so there's less time to forget what we did the time before.


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