Sunday, 6 February 2011

Muggy Muggy Muggy, the weekend part 2

Wow, what an unbelievably muggy day it has been. I've been told it was muggy here yesterday also, so glad we only had hot heat to handle over the hill rather than mugginess.

Today has been lovely for me. We had our first structured session of creche this morning at church. It was a great start to the year and I'm really happy with how things went (considering most of the kids have only ever known free play in the creche setting, some of them for 2 years or more). Little by little we'll move to a more structured setting and the kids will (hopefully) enjoy all of the activities we have planned for them. I'm excited (even if no-one else is at the moment - they may be, who knows).

Food wise, it's been a good day. Lots of fruit and some vege (not as much as normal but hey, it's the weekend). We had a lovely fakeaway for tea tonight (great term ay, stole that from another blog but can't give credit as I really can't remember who's blog it was). Butter Chicken, (with a large grated courgette added), Bastmati Rice and a Popodom. Yummy.

I had a great walk down to the local nursery and bought some cucumber seeds. When we were at the fair yesterday I discovered a great organic place in Kandallah that was selling seeds (and small packets of them too so perfect for the three months they reccomend). They gave away a great sheet of what to plant in Feb for the Wellington and Wairarapa regions (it also had a page for March and April). So I am super stoked as we love cucumber in this house. Will try and plant two seeds tonight and (if the sheet is right) start harvesting some time in April. Thinking back, I should have bought the cucumber seeds at the fair (would have saved 80 cents lol) but the walk was great. I also picked up two 2L bottles of milk at the butcher on the way home - my shoulders and arms could be in pain tomorrow. Let's wait and see.

Baby Chugger has his first bottle of formula this afternoon. It's a deliberate action on our part to give him formula once or twice a week so that I can have some time away from the family (I make a pathetic pump milking cow). He seemed quite happy but I have to take Manly Man's word for it. I went out with Little Chugger so that I could avoid seeing my wee man take a bottle. He's EIGHT weeks old today. Gee how time is flying.

I'm looking forward to jumping on the scales tomorrow and giving you an update on the weight (will do weight every Monday and full measurements every second Monday from now on, seems like a great day to do it). I'm looking forward to reporting in as I have done a few sneaky weighs in the week and I'm sure the numbers are on their way down.

Righto off to tidy the house a little more before a nice big sleep and we start a new week.

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  1. Happy 8 weeks Baby Chugger!

    So if there's formula in the mix now, we are able to plan a girly night??

    I like the idea of a fake-away! I am going to use it too.

    Catch you in the week :D