Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How did I get this big?

A BMI of 34 is quite scary for me. It's the biggest I've ever been and I don't want to get bigger or get back this way again.

I'm 5 kg heavier than I was after Little Chugger was born. After LC was born I tipped the scales at 82kg. It took a lot of hard work and determination then to get down to 62.4kg by his first birthday.

Sadly I didn't keep up the effort. I reverted to my old ways. Going to a specific petrol station at least twice a week for a coke (none of this zero or diet buisness after the weight was lost), a giant cookie and a chocolate bar. Sometimes there was a bag of chips added in there. TWICE a week usually. Gross when you see it written down. Lots of treats in the shopping too - if M&Ms were on special (like 3 for $3) I'd go for it. And eat them all myself - usually in a day or two max. And bread. Grrrrrr bread. It's so convinient when you're a SAHM. Toasted sammies are fast and yum. Especially with loads of cheese (cause every toasted sammie I make has cheese). Cheese. Yummo.

When I got pregnant with Baby Chugger I was back to 71 kg. A 9 kg gain just from seriously bad eating habbits. The pregnancy did not go well. I was sick again for weeks. I didn't eat much. What I did eat was seriously unhealthy. The petrol station visits turned into MacDonald's drive through visits. Sometimes twice a day (once for breakfast of the way out and once for lunch on the way home). Way to many "two cheeseburger" combos. I have no idea how much I gained in total during the pregnancy as I refused to get on the scales. But I know I was much bigger than I was the first time - none of the medium sized maternity clothes fit for long, and only about half of the large sized clothes were comfortable at the end. *Sigh*

So here I am at the start of February 2011. 87kg with a BMI of 34. Obese.

Let the fun times roll....

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