Friday, 4 February 2011

Week One Day Five

It's the end of the working week for Manly Man and for some strange reason I feel like a caged animal today.

I blame the weather.

Manky, sweaty-ish, overcast, sometimes very light drizzle, not good enough to do outside drying of clothes.....

Pretty "meh" weather if you ask me.

I'm considering doing my "boring bits" for food and exercise entries retrospectively as I always end up making slight deviations from what I say I'm going to do. So some of this will seem like it was what I did yesterday, because it is, lol.

The boring food bits.
Breakfast was three Weetbix (I guess I should use a captial here as it is name), tinned fruit and light blue top milk. Lunch was left over fish pie - yum. For tea I had a HUGE salad wit mesculin lettuce mix, tomato, cucumber, grated cheese (just a little), two boiled eggs (the best bit in any salad), red pepper (capsicum) and pumpkin seeds. I toyed with idea of having watered down mayonaise but chose homebrand Italian Dressing instead (99% fat free). I think I would have regretted the mayo later on. Throughout the day I had a banana, 2 apples, a necterine, a yoghurt, a small piece of flapjack slice and one homemade biscuit. (It's all listed like this as I can't remember what I had when, one of the downfalls to retrospective blogging)

The boring exercise bits.
I had a bit more time to myself last night (Manly Man took the chuggers to grandpops for tea) so I extended the hill walk by doing the small end loop twice. The small end loop is basically up a hill on one street and down through another back to the main road. Lots of hilly bits yesterday, which is great.

The boring mood bits.
Well the weather is definitely playing its part in my mood today. Very much a meh day. have snapped at Little Chugger a few times today too - if only he would obey first time everytime, lol. (cause that's so what an almost three year old would do, right? *wink*) Mostly we have done nothing all day long. I've bummed around on the interweb, Little Chugger has played at working, cars and trains and annoying mummy. Baby Chugger has been great all day. That's a bonus. It's 3.05 pm and I really hope Manly Man gets home just after 4.45 pm. Overall mood: Meh. (I smile as I type this)

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