Tuesday, 8 February 2011

You learn something new every day

(Also known as Week 2 day 2)

Today I have learnt that I need to be much more prepared. Especially at lunch time.

All of our weekly activities started up again this week. Today was the turn of Mainly Music. Usually I get to church at around 9 o'clock to help with the set up but today I had to either arrive extra early or be late as Baby Chugger needed to be fed sometime around 8.30. We opted for being extra early - good thing I have a key to get in. Being the first session of the year our end of music team debrief went on a bit longer than usual. (I looked at my watch as I got in the car - 13.30 eeep!) We then stopped on the way home to check out an early learning centre for Little Chugger. We didn't get home till well after 2.30.
Carb Loading.
(Well, mini fail)

We have another activity to go to tomorrow morning. I'm going to be more prepared by:
1. Making sure I leave the activity in a reasonable amount of time to make sure we get home by 12.30
2. Allowing myself to leave before the activity is finished if I feel we need to.
3. Taking my water bottle out when we get there and making sure I drink from it. (Visability is the key)
4. Planning what I will have for lunch tonight so that I don't fall into the bread trap tomorrow.

So today I have learnt that the old boy scout moto ("be prepared") has more than a grain of truth to it.

I would also like to take this chance to say that I firmly believe that if you are having a bad day you don't have to wait until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is another day but, you can stop your behaviour that's making today a bad day right now. That way the rest of today doesn't have to continue being bad. If you ate badly for lunch you don't need to use it as a chance to eat badly for tea. The day is completely ruined. You can pick yourself up again during the day and get on with it.

The boring food bits.
Well there's lots to mention today. Breakfast was the standard (see previous posts because it's getting pretty boring typing the same thing over and over). Fruit between breakfast and lunch was an apple and a banana (but I was talking whilst eating so didn't really process the fact that I was eating, silly me). I had a piece of citrus slice for morning tea. Not enough water (just one sip!). Lunch was a chippie sammie, a fruit bun (hence all the bread) and a magnum gold icecream. So yeah, not the greatest but I am going to pick myself up and make the most of the rest of today. Tea is going to be cottage pie and salad. Yum. Better walk fast this afternoon.

The boring exercise bits.
The sun has poked it's head out from behind all of the clouds and there is a gentle breeze. The walk this afternoon will be lovely. Better hit those hills again and burn off some of that lunch.

The boring mood bits.
Crazily hectic morning today. It was really great to catch up with lots of mums again after a nearly two week break from music. Most of them didn't know the details of Baby Chuggers birth (or that he was boy etc) so there was lots of talking about him. All the littlies have grown up so much over the Christmas/Summer break. We went a visited an early learning centre for LC - it was great. He loved it so much - espcially as there was HEAPS of train gear, vehicles, big big big wooden trucks, a lovely big outdoor area with lots of shade (the list goes on). A bit nerve-y for me though. As much as most people would say that I am an extrovert I am PETRIFIED of new people and places I've never been before. P.E.T.R.I.F.I.E.D. (Perhaps some of the lunch was a through back to these feelings? Or not?) The washing that got a super extra rinse cycle in the rain yesterday is mostly dried. The house is still really chaotic with things everywhere (but they could be there a few weeks yet as we sort out the roof). LC and BC and both in bed at the moment. BC was a star for our first morning back at music. Overall I'd have to say it's been a great day so far and I am happy.

Now I really must get off my butt and out from behind this computer. Go do some more washing woman, and folding and start preparing dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not going to review my post before posting today as have work to do so it's probably full of typos and grammatical errors, oh well.)

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